Make money blogging

Hello and Welcome.Are  you interested in making money online in Sri lanka or any other residence?Do you want to know how to do that?Do you want to be an online entrepreneur?then I proudly say you have come to the right place. I’m going to share with you simple but definitely proven ways of making money online free in Sri lanka.
Before entering to the topic I like to talk about some doubts readers are suffering.look, do you also had below doubts..

  • How can I make money online?
  • Is online money making real?
  • What are the best ways to make money online?
  • How to get started and what are the needs?

Many people still believe that online money making is a hype,but in my experience it’s truth and possible thing,there are several profits of doing this,you can make money online with comfort of home unless going to office.and if you have setup an income stream you can go anywhere you want,income always goes high. Even you are sleeping.and you would enjoy constantly adopt to make money online as hobby.ok
Now here I’ll explain one of the ways of online money’s blogging

Why Blogging is special?

Now all who surf internet have blogs or websites, probably it can be a personal blogs or business blogs.and those are more powerful communicating tools that anyone could use.but only few used it to make an example you may know about Darren rowse.he is a fulltime blogger and make living on it.even you can create a network like facebook by blogging and having rich content in your site search engines also send potential customers to you.

How to get started?

I can explain it in few steps.

First is to find a niche.what is a niche?it simply group of  people with same interests.for examples Game players,Forex traders, Programmers, Investors etc.and niche is the main topic of your blog.choosing a high paying niche you can double your have a good niche do a search on google adwords tool and  Ebay pulse also good.and other way  to start your blog is explaining your life,hobbies and anything else you like and possible to write more about.but personal blogs usually hard to draw search engine traffics and many advertisers expect Search Engine Traffic that thaeir hope is to sell products and services.then they preferred  natural traffics.if you can choose your niche to solve people’s problems usually it can be more profitable.and can draw  huge traffic too.
Content Writing..
After choosing a niche you can  start writing.normally search engines found your articles with more content.when you are writing include 500 words or more.and use the keywords some times.for an example if you write about java programming use as java substantial.
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