How to check either your adsense account is real or fake?

Hello and welcome ,there are many web sites and people that give you free adsense accounts like I had a adsense account from Docstoc.but lately it was disabled and again I want to have an adasense account because in my opinions adsense is the most lucrative monetizing method with a blog.though  I bought an adsense account from other hand and I was doubtful about the account is real or not.I asked my friends how to check it out and I searched online how to now I know two methods to check it out.I write them here for people who need to checkout.

First Method is use adsense affiliate to do it is I have given below,
1 Log into your adsense account using the email and password:
2 then click this link to enter the adsense affiliate network and click the blue button"Sign up as a publisher"(bottom of the page)
3 now if you see such a massage there(in below picture)it's your adsense account is real one.if not it's fake one.

After your adsense account reached to $10 Google team send you a letter with a PIN.and they mention that your PIN was sent.if the account has completed $10 limit but you'll not received a massage from adsense team it means that your account is fake.after one or two weeks your account could banned anytime.this is the Second method.if you want to have a google adsense account apply one in right way.if not you will lost your money and time.

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