What is Asbestos and how does it affect to our health?


What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a collection of naturally-occurring silicate minerals that made of rich fibrous crystals.mostly used as insulation, construction materials, an additive in paints and sealants, concrete and even outdoor furniture.Asbestos were much popular in between 19th and first of 20th century because they were relatively cheap to mine and process.but after 20th century they were banned to mine, produce and trade in some countries. There are six types of asbestos which are,
1.    CHRYSOTILE or white Asbestos
2.     AMOSITE or grey Asbestos
3.    CROCIDOLITE of blue Asbestos
4.    TREMOLITE or transparent Asbestos
5.    ACTINOLITE or harsh textured Asbestos
6.    ANTHOPHYLLITE or Finland Asbestos
Though only  three types of Asbestos are widely used in commercial which are CHRYSOTILE , AMOSITE and CROCIDOLITE.Asbestos  awesomely  strong and flexible, resistant to chemical attack, heat and fire and even woven into cloth .however Asbestos is a highly toxic  and environmentally persistent material after discovering this circumstance many nations forbid the manufacturing of asbestos.but by that Asbestos has killed thousands of people and will increase this amount after this century.

How does Asbestos affect to our health?

Asbestos made up of fibrous crystals.sometimes microscopic fibre fragments mixed in inhaling air.when this untidy air inhaled by us,those fibre fragments remain in our airborne for a considerable time.due to the shape and size they can go through even smallest air passages in our lunge.after entering  they might embedded in our lung tissue. Unfortunately The fibres are highly resistant to removal by the lungs’ natural cleaning processes. After infection oxygen is no longer able to pass from the lungs into the blood. Because of ill-luck of oxygen into blood stream many diseases influenced.it takes a long time to discover Symptoms of disease, by that our health might gone deterioration.

What are the Asbestos related diseases?

Inhalation of asbestos lead to a number of serious diseases, including asbestosis and the cancer mesothelioma. As these can take a long of period  to develop, There are few main diseases caused by asbestos.most of them are deadly diseases.
1.    Mesothelioma or malignant mesothelioma
2.    Lung cancer
3.    Pleural diseases
4.    pleural cancer
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