Asbestos Types-six types of Asbestos


Types of Asbestos

Asbestos is the generic commercial designation for a group of naturally occurring mineral silicate fibres of the serpentine and amphibole series.there are six main types of Asbestos according to United States Environmental Protection Agency. But usually three types of Asbestos in use.six types are below

1.      CHRYSOTILE or white Asbestos
2.       AMOSITE or grey Asbestos
3.       CROCIDOLITE of blue Asbestos
4.       TREMOLITE or transparent Asbestos
5.       ACTINOLITE or harsh textured Asbestos
6.       ANTHOPHYLLITE or Finland Asbestos

1 chrysotile Asbestos,

Chrysotile asbestos or white Asbestos is a sheet silicate which is formed as a very thin rolled sheet. The sheet is about 0.8 nanometers thick  . Chrysotile founded before about 2000 years, being used early for oil lamp wicks and other textiles. although in 19th Century Chrysotile was commercially produced in Russia,Italy and Canada. This is the most widely used asbestos type and can be found even today in roofs, ceilings and other events of homes and businesses. Chrysotile asbestos also was used in automobile industry. some studies show it takes more exposure to chrysotile than other types of asbestos to develop related diseases.

Colour: Green

Commonly used in: automobile industry,cement,Roofing matieriels in buildings

2 Amosite Asbestos

Amosite asbestos or brown Asbestos is another most hazardous forms of asbestos especially because this form of asbestos is highly friable. it means crumbles easily when damaged, second most used type of asbestos in construction field. Mostly mined and found in south Africa and It has killed large number of Africans who worked in mines and related fields. Some asbestos researches show that exposure to amosite  can cause lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis.

Colour: Grey and Brown

Commonly used in: Because of the strength and heat resistance it used in Cement sheets, Electrical insulation, Roofing materials and Fire protection.

Crocidolite Asbestos

Crocidolite Asbestos or blue asbestos is the most dangerous asbestos type because its fibers are so thin. Once inhaled, the fibers do not smash easily.This can lead to potentially life-threatening lung and abdominal conditions, including lung cancer, mesothelioma . crocidolite was first established in South Africa. At that time, it was known as wooly stone .used only for limited 1900 it became a commercial product in large scale.but after discovering its hazard totally banned from many countries.

Colour : Blue

Commonly used in : crocidolite was used in number of commercial and industrial products. Such as Ceiling tiles, Fire protection, Acid storages and gaskets.

Tremolite Asbestos

Tremolite asbestos or transparent asbestos has been useful for commercial products because they are strong, heat-resistant, and can be woven into cloths. But it is not widely used. tremolite is often found with other minerals such as talc and vermiculite. Talk is used to producing chalk, paints, cosmetics, ceramics and pharmaceuticals. in 1973, U.S. laws require all commercial talcum products to be asbestos-free. Tremolite caused for lung cancer and other respiratory conditions.

Colour: brown, white, gray,  green and could be transparent.

Commonly used in : Paints,Sealants,Roofing materials

Anthophyllite Asbestos

Anthophyllite Asbestos or Finland Asbestos rare asbestos type was found in Finland. The Anthophyllite Asbestos mining began in Finland in it has not much long history. Anthophyllite contains so much talk and vermiculite . Anthophyllite cause mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases,however risk is much lower than other asbestos types.

Colour: Brown 

Commonly used in: Talc and Talk related products like Talcum powder.

Actinolite Asbestos

Actinolite or harsh textured Asbestos is a rare form of asbestos. It contains other minerals such as Silicon, Iron, Magnesium , Calcium and Hydrogen. Actinolite  name come from the Greek “aktinos,” that refers to “ray” or “beam”. Some forms of actinolite are used as gemstones. 

Colour: Dark colour and even white,, brown , grey or green

Commonly used in : Building materiels,  Structural fire-proofing, Paints, Gardening ,Structural fire-proofing and even Children's toys.

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